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Track Opinion have a panel of 1.3 million highly

Responsive panelists is leveraged by research firms. consulting firms and marketing agencies across the globe. We have panelists from different industries to support the diverse needs of our clients. Track Opinion has proprietary online research panels in Americas, Africa, Europe, and Asia Pacific. The deeply profiled panelists are a result of our ongoing efforts in panel development and maintenance.

Due to the deep profiling of our panelist we help our clients to reach niche audiences in 10 countries through our online panel. In order to increase the coverage of our online panel we have partnered with quality sample providers in other countries.

Track Opinion strives to maintain high quality standards for all sample requirements of clients. Multiple layers of security checks at the time of recruitment and during project execution help us provide high quality sample.

We understand the importance of increasing the panelist information and the data points captured therefore we carry out regular campaigns to strengthen the quality of our panel. Our dedicated panel management team performs the following security checks at different stages of panel recruitment and during project execution:

At the time of recruitment:

GeoCheck - We perform IP address vs. country lookup during the process of registration and validate it with the one supplied by the respondent

During fieldwork

Data checks:

Length of survey
Trap questions
Quality metrics and scoring

IP Checks:

Proxy detection - We detect gamers and professional survey takers who use proxy servers to mask IP to their benefit

Duplicate IP check
Geo IP Tracking

Regular Profile Update Requests:

Individual quality score tracking
Quarterly profile updates
Regular checks for duplicate e-mail addresses and removal

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