Data Processing and Analytics

If the data collected is not analysed, it cannot be used by business executives in any way

The holistic purpose of research is achieved only after analysing the data and the performing effective number-crunching. Keeping in mind our clients research needs we have a dedicated team of data processing experts. The data processing team helps in effectively managing the data collected using different medium and then compile it to derive meaningful insights.

Our data processing team is equipped with high standards of data processing techniques and has experience on different types of studies such as - trackers, Internet, CATI or a combination of these types. We have in-depth knowledge of the industry and can conduct complex market research studies while delivering the output requested by the client.

The following data processing services are of key interest to our clients:

Spreadsheet to SPSS conversion, Quantum format
Coding and creating banner tables and charts
Advanced analysis outputs as per our client's requirement
Robust quality assurance processes are followed by a dedicated team of professionals
Quantum / SPSS programming as per the analysis plan

We are a global market research and outsourcing firm that provides end-to-end custom research services.